What Is An Auto-Responder and Why Do I Need One?

The total solution to turn your “leads” into “loyal customers.”……

Most business and Internet Marketers don’t fully understand what an Autoresponder can do for their business. Don’t be one of those “many”….be one of the “few” and take your Internet business to the next level !
If you want to end the struggle of manually sending out e-mails to all of your prospects, you’ve come to the right place.


What does the  Follow Up Autoresponse System do?


The Follow Up Autoresponse System takes the concept of the basic e-mail autoresponse one step further. A standard autoresponder automatically sends out one immediate message. The follow up auto-responder system does that, and then automatically sends unlimited follow up messages over the following days, weeks, and months. You don’t have to do anything!


What are prospects, leads, and customers?


Whatever business you may be in, you are probably interested in an auto-responder product because you sell something. During the period leading up to and directly following a sale, you deal with prospects, leads, and customers.

Someone who is just looking at your company’s web site or ad is a “prospect” – a prospective customer. Prospects are still “just looking.”

Someone who has expressed further interest in your product or service by requesting more information, (ie. e-mailing your autoresponder address), is a “lead.”

Finally, someone who has actually purchased your products or services is a “customer.”

In order to make a sale, you have to turn your prospects into leads, and then turn those leads into customers.


What are autoresponders and follow up messages?

An autoresponse message is an e-mail that you can have automatically sent out to anyone who e-mails you, as soon as you receive his or her e-mail. Follow up messages are e-mails that you normally have to type and send out yourself over the days and weeks following your autoresponse, as you struggle to keep your products in front of your prospects. A top auto-responder system will not only send your autoresponse to your leads, but will also send your follow up messages out automatically, at intervals that you choose.

Most experts say that customers must be exposed to a product an average of 7 times before they buy, and if you don’t have a way to contact a visitor after their first visit to your site, how do you remind them about your product six more times?

That’s why Internet marketing experts all agree, without an opt-in list or email newsletter, you are losing sales and leaving money on the table.

Newsletters allow you to contact your subscribers via email without spamming, as they’ve ‘opted‘ to receive your information. In other words, interested prospects have given you permission to send them news and information.

If you don’t collect email addresses, a visitor comes to your site, takes a look around and in most cases leaves and never comes back. You have no way of bringing them back, because without a list, you have no way to tell them about new products on your site. You will never have a chance to build a trusting, friendly relationship and your visitors will never become “your” loyal, trusting , long term customers.

Once you set up your initial autoresponse and your series of  follow up messages, you are well on your way to putting this part of your business on auto-pilot !!

In my business, I am extremely customer service oriented and feel that I must blast out messages to my leads and customers immediately. Sometimes, that is just not possible. It can become a very time consuming task, which can now be automated so you don’t have to spend countless hours banging out individual e-mails to your potential customers.

There is absolutely no doubt that I have lost potential customers and therefore, revenue because I didn’t have a system in place where I could capture a visitors name and e-mail address and have a way to contact them. With the AWeber system…now I have a “great solution to my problem”


Now, it will take some time to set up your follow up messages when you first get started. But, this is not difficult to do… Oh boy, is it worth it !!!

Now, I can contact my “leads” at set intervals and have a way to stay in contact with them and build their trust in me and the products that I offer. If you have a way to stay in contact with your “leads”…you CAN and WILL convert many of them into loyal, trusting and friendly customers.
There is a good possibility that “you” are on this page now because of a follow up message that you received from me !!
You have probably signed up for other Newsletters and e-zines (electronic magazines) in the past and received e-mail Newsletters that direct you to the website of the sender of the e-mail. If you look at the bottom of the e-mail, the majority of the time you will see that the autoresponder service is “AWeber.”

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

Why ?… because AWeber is the #1 choice of many of the top Internet Marketers. AWeber gives you “all” the tools that you need to run a successful campaign.

Do you want to run multiple campaigns ?… no problem ! Run as many as you like. You receive excellent customer service and training and videos designed to get you using the system in no time at all. The control panel is very user friendly and the system is “simple” to use. Taking your business to the next level doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, the solution to a situation can be clear, straight forward and easy.

AWeber Communications, Inc. has no direct contact with your prospects until they e-mail your AWeber autoresponder for more information saying, in effect, that they wish to become leads. AWeber then contacts your leads directly, on your behalf, over a period of time. When your leads are ready, they contact you and make a purchase.

That is the reason that the only autoresponder service that I recommend is AWeber

How would you like to take the AWeber system for a test drive ? Try it for a month for JUST $1.00

Click here to order an AWeber account today.

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61 thoughts on “What Is An Auto-Responder and Why Do I Need One?

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  2. Good information here. An auto-respond email message is a must for a blog. It’s the best way to keep in touch with the visitors. That’s a way to build credibility too. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi John,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      Absolutely, an auto-responder is very much needed these days fir continued communication with your visitors and prospects..

      I hope you will visit again,

  3. Marc,
    This sounds amazing, something I definitely need. It can sometimes take me quite some time to get back to everyone. As well I am in the process of starting an online business and this will come in handy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Lynda,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      Starting an online business is very exciting…make sure to conduct your due diligence. Make sure you have either your own auto-responder or are with a Company that has good lead capture pages and pre-written auto-responders or allow you to customize your own.

      Make sure the list you build will be owned by you. But, you must have the ability to build a list to keep your prospects in your sales funnel.

      Please let me know if you have any questions,

    • Hi Shanae,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      If you are trying to build an online presence, you need to have a lead capture page and auto-responder to keep your prospects in your sales funnel and continue to communicate with them and offer them value..

      I hope you will visit again,

  4. Hi Marc

    Great advice here! Auto-responders can make our lives so much easier. When I first started out I sent emails manually which was ridiculous! When I found auto-responders I started with Get Response but quickly switched to A Weber. To me, it is easier to use. THanks for this great info!

  5. Hi Marc,

    Great article – you’ve answered all the right questions for anyone new to auto-responders. I started out with Aweber and have been very happy with their service. They make it so easy and on the very few times I’ve needed help their customer service staff have responded very quickly.

  6. Hi Marc,
    You really have covered all the right information for people starting out in business. I cannot imagine having an online business without an auto responder. I started with Get Response. It was exactly the application I needed at the time for the work I was doing, and although I’m really satisfied with it I know AWeber is also a good service.

  7. a blog need to have An auto-respond email message and it’s the the best way to keep in touch with the visitors.Thanks for sharing.

  8. I read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any assistance is very much appreciated.

  9. Marc-
    You have highlighted the importance of an autoresponder so well here. It really does have the potential to boost your business to the next level. I also use Aweber and will use nothing else. It is so easy to navigate and has many bells and whistles too.
    It is also such a great way to keep you organized and in front of your potential clients. Thanks for sharing.
    Tony Tate

  10. Hi Marc, having a good autoresponder is another place where people can get your call to action. The more the better. You’re right, when they opt in they’re showing that they trust you enough to give you their contact information. Once they’ve done this it’s very easy to offer them something else. The better your content the better results. Believe me, It’s always a learning process to be effective but when it starts converting people are so glad they set it up. Thanks for this post Marc!

    Rick Salas

  11. I use Aweber too and love it. I have also heard from many marketers that Get Response is a strong competitor to Aweber. But one thing’s for sure. No matter which one you use an autoresponder is an absoulte must. You can set up an entire sales funnel to run on autopilot using an autoresponder. It is phenomenol how powerful they really are…Great post Marc

  12. Marc,

    I have used AWeber for a few years now. When involved in a teleseminar training and creating ASK Campaigns, I had tried another autoresponder system but I found the other one more complicated and the features not as flowing.

    My goal is to have 51 autoresponder messages for each of my lists so that prospective clients continue to receive messages and are reminded of my and my work for an entire year. I have not completed that task yet. But as you said, it takes time but is well worth it.


  13. Hello Marc, I love Aweber and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to follow up easily and reliably with their leads and customers. I’ve used a number of different auto-responders over the years, and like Aweber the best. They have really easy to follow step by step video tutorials to learn how to set up an autoresponder campaign.

    Regards from Julieanne

  14. Hi Marc,

    This is a very good post ! Although I have used this system before and at that time, I was very new to Internet marketing and did not see the potential of the benefits.

    You have explained the benefit it can do to our business and I will look into using this system later.

    Thanks so much, Marc. You just made me think about finding out more about this !:-)


  15. It’s important to develop a good email plan making sure you are providing real value to your customers. The last thing you want to do is spam them with links.

    There is nothing wrong with cultivating sales from your list, but you need to provide them with a reason to stick with you.

    I love Aweber and thing their interface is very simple to learn. Thanks for the great overview on autoresponders.

  16. I’ve been using aweber for a while now. It’s great to be able to automate follow up and then create broadcasts when you’ve got something current to share. Autoresponder messages do take a while to set up but once in place they allow your business to run 24/7

  17. Hi Marc,

    It is hard to believe that anyone serious about marketing on the internet these days isn’t using an autoresponder. It was much more challenging in the early days, but now as easy as pie to use!

    My tip is to write to your prospects as though they are already your best friend. I get emails thanking me for being their friend, and it builds trust.

    Done right, you will build a list of loyal targeted followers. Even today 20-40% of people on my lists read my emails! It is all about the style you use and the content you provide. AWebber is not the cheapest system, but it is one of the best solutions out there.

  18. I use Aweber as well Marc and enjoy it tremendously. The tough part though is teaching people how to look or create a compelling offer so that prospects SIGN up to get into your Aweber list.

    Perhaps a good topic for another blog post? The first step of the funnel seems to be a huge topic where most people need guidance.

    Another great post Marc.

  19. Marc-

    One of the most important tools online is your autoresponder program… this is your automated business machine…..

    I’ve used aweber before and also GetResponse. I also like mailchimp for RSS feed newsletters….

    This is important training for anyone that wants to develop and online business.

    Great post on the workings of autoresponders.


  20. This post has it all! in all fairness, this post is really informative and one could definitely learn something from it. i never heard of this one before, but i am glad to know about this now. This will be an advantage for me as a blogger. Thank you so much for sharing this one :).

  21. Hi Marc ~ This post seems like the quintessential resource for Autoresponders. Having a more efficient way to connect with customers and readers is certainly a must. And it’s nice that this sort of thing can be implemented relatively easily.

    Thanks for putting together such a succinct post.

  22. Marc,

    I love Aweber and like most internet marketers will tell you, it’s one of the very best autoresponder services out there today!

    I love how easy it is to customize everything and even for the absolute noobie, the designed templates are simply powerful!

    Keep up the good work. Building a list of hungry prospects is the smartest thing anyone can do online.


  23. Hi Marc,

    Great article and it answers several questions about Autoresponders… When I started InternetMarketing years ago (think about 7-8yrs ago). I used some free services at that time, which at the end didn’t converted to well because they had ads from other people all around the emails I sent out. So having a dedicated paid service in place is the best an Internet Marketer cab have in place and these services itself can as well generate income for their owners 😉 … Awesome times we live in.

    Thx, Alex

  24. Autoresponder is a sure help to any business…small or big, struggling or already there on top…I believe it is an effective way of getting back to the client, no matter what business you are in..

  25. Marc,
    this is amazing and great detail on the good usage of auto-responders. I have never utilized any system so far. My method has been to develop that first contact and build from there. I set a date to follow-up with each person.

    I like to write toward our last conversations. Send welcome letters when the become one of my team members. I enjoy talk on Skype. The purpose for me to build a real relationship one person at a time.

    I may in the future customize my responds and then utilize a system to send notices and follow-ups on certain dates. For now it has been working with little time to cause any lack of production. I have my system that works well. Yet, not everyone has years of being organized and set daily objectives to accomplish goals.

    This was a great presentation and I would urge everyone to utilize a system that best fits their business. If you grow large enough and have a team in place. Leverage each on different task. The it will be simple to stay in contact with member and clients. With our technology today. We can speak to the masses in one day. Email as it is now will be changed all together.

    Marc, wonderful article and I look forward to your next. Thanks for all your support and wisdom.

  26. List building is one of the most important things that I have done for my business. It has allowed me the freedom to create a business that makes money on my terms.

  27. Auto responder is a great tool if your business receives a hefty amount of email everyday, or you have site that has a lot of visitor that you need to send emails to daily. It is either that or you hire a VA. But this one is the cheaper option.

  28. Autoresponders are often used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals.They can be very simple or quite complex. Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas about this subject. Looking forward to your next post!!!

  29. Hi Marc. Well, for some type of things, we definitely need an autoresponder. So we won’t be wasting our time in responding to those. But for the other, we still have to respond it manually by ourselves don’t you think?

  30. Autoresponders are definitely a lifesaver! They help me keep in contact will all my new subscribers and begin the relationship building process for me. I too use AWeber and their service is absolutely amazing! Best in the biz.

  31. For me auto reply is good if the person was really busy but is not so it’s better to use the normal way not need auto thing.Good luck to all and thanks for sharing this grateful tips!

  32. Great post Marc. I’m currently researching autoresponders for my blog and I wasn’t sure which company to choose. You make a pretty strong case for aweber. Looks like I’ll go with them!


    • Hi Anita,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      You have a very impressive blog with some great content. AWeber is by far and away the best auto-responder you will find with great features and easy to use.

      If you need to return to the post again or to grab a link to sign-up, I would appreciate you returning to my page at: http://marckornblog.com/what-is-an-autoresponder/

      To your success,

  33. i never knew about auto responder before.. but i think that this is indeed a really great help especially in social marketing.. 🙂

  34. Hi Marc,
    A very informative look at Autoresponders! I wish I had read this post way back when I got started online! I am sure it is going to be a gem of information for new people. And aWeber is the best, so a great choice to get started with.
    Thanks for easy to read and follow information,

  35. Thank you Mr. Marc Korn. This is an awesome article and I am happy to have meet you today. I have seen you all over Facebook as a top marketer and it is a joy to read your content today Sir. You have a such a humble marketing approach Sir and I appreciate how you provide your content. I like you blog and I plan to keep commenting Sir.

  36. Hi Mark

    This is a great post.

    Well this is the next thing on my list to get it
    and now i know how to suppost when i am ready
    to get me Aweber, My new own personal WP Blog
    is on the list for this month and then it is Aweber.

    And i will send my new down lines to your blog.


  37. Cool tips shared here! I like to write toward our last conversations. Send welcome letters when the become one of my team members. I enjoy talk on Skype. The purpose for me to build a real relationship one person at a time, Thank for this information..

  38. Hey Marc, thanks for the advice about autoresponders. I doubt it is useful for me now, but once I get more traffic I’m sure I can use one. I’ll put it on my to do list.

  39. Hi Marc,

    Nice explanation of autoresponders and how they work for you in building your business. I personally have used several different autoresponder options in my efforts to build, and I have found the best one to be the one where Someone who Knows far more than me has already written my AR messages for me. When I have some brilliant content of my own, from my blog, I can send that link out as well.

    My network marketing System include this and a whole whole lot more.


    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  40. Thanks Marc,
    “SYSTEMS” Having something in place to get the attention of the person that is “just looking”. I was looking at a competing Auto Responder program because of their price point. After reading y

  41. Marc,
    I am taking a serious look at the Aweber Auto Responder because I need to get a system that can help me when someone is “slightly” interested in my content and has visited my website. I still want to connect with them personally and I want to do that quickly. That personal touch would go over great with me, so I am sure that they would like it as well. I am sure that an Auto Responder will never take the place of that personal touch, it will “weed” out the casual shopper from the real customer. Maybe that casual customer can become a customer one day. An Auto Responder can help keep the relationship alive and when I am able to help I want to be there.

    To your success,


  42. Great post here Marc. Autoresponders are definitely great to use. Been using Aweber for a while now and it’s been working great so far! Thanks for sharing some really great tips here.

  43. Hi Marc,

    Great informative post about auto-responders. I believe that it’s an absolute must.

    I use my auto-responder in so many ways – I even embed the forms in to my video mails which I use actually use as mini web pages – the possibilities are amazing. Couldn’t be without it!

    Thank you,

    Emma 🙂

  44. Hi Marc,
    It is a very nice and informative post on autoresponder.You well explained this topic and this post helps alot of readers to improve their knowledge for autoresponder. The video is very simple and easy to understand.
    Thanks for sharing!

  45. This sounds like a very useful product, especially for business that needs to be viral in the market. I’ve been looking for a feature like this and it seems that I found out my answer. Thank you very much for presenting the autoresponder to me, the post is very useful, as it is very detailed and well presented.

  46. I always find some text like “Do not reply to this email”, I think it is some kind of auto-responder.
    If I use auto-responder, my prospects can’t directly contact me, right?

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