22 thoughts on “What Is A Lead Capture Page and Why Do I Need One ?

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      I’m happy you got some value from the post and would like to pass it on to your team…it is very important for Network and Internet Marketers to realize how important it is to use a lead capture page effectively to build their business and their list..

      To your continued success,

  1. Hi Marc,

    I am a loyal user of Aweber, and you are completely right. It is really important that you have the proper tool to conduct business. One really relevant point you made is having at least 7 contacts with someone until they decide to partner with you. The best way to do this without doing it “manually” is an autoresponder. I like the fact that you can set up multiple campaigns and once it is set up, I can test emails, and visit the dashboard anytime to make changes. It is very flexible and has outstanding features.

    One thing I really appreciate about Aweber is the fact that opt-in forms can be created easily for use on a blog, Fan Page, or Opt-in Ad. I also agree that the support and training videos are excellent too. Thank you for this article.

    Raena Lynn

  2. Hello Marc,

    I have recently been taking a really great video training from a successful marketer, Justin Glover, where he is teaching the how to’s of creating, and the importance of using a lead capture/squeeze page.

    I have heard many marketers who recommend only using lead capture pages in your marketing, because a well designed and effective capture page will give the site vistor only one of two options, to give you their contact details, so you can follow up with them later, or they do not give you their contact details and simply leave the site.

    In either case you, the site owner win, because if you get their conmtact info, you’ve just gained a potential customer, and if they leave your site without giving their info, you have saved yourself valuable time of going after a customer who likely would not have done business with you anyway.

    In the beginning I came online for the purpose of sorting my leads through a marketing funnel, so as to find the serious ones. Somewhere along the way I got caught up in all the social media, give vaule first, build a relationship hoopla.

    I need to get back to the basic’s, value is good but, somewhere I need to sort to the serious leads and introduce them to my business or product.

    Joyce Penner wrote a great article this week along the line of, with all the social media hype and friend connections,are we forgetting to share our business? Are we forgetting we are here to make money?

    Good stuff.

    I’ve got your site book marked.

  3. Great posting Marc!

    I love the fact that you mentioned how replicated websites designed by MLM companies almost do nothing for the user.

    It’s simple really, they’re not supposed to! I know shocker at first, but if these companies were good at marketing, they wouldn’t need distributors.

    Thanks for spelling out what is needed for a capture page to be great.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. You’re so right to advise that less is more when it comes to lead page. I particularly like the example you link to as the type of lead page that I would very much like to incorporate in my own site.

    Keep the Smiles,

  5. Hi Marc:

    Very informative post on this subject. I have never thought of having a lead capture page. I am not sure it applies in my situation but you have inspired me to look into this some more.


  6. Hey Marc

    Poked around in your archives and was delighted to find this – mostly because you were generous enough to share the link to your capture page. While my work isn’t with MLM I was very interested because I’m working on a sales page for several new products. I love your lead capture page – it’s very classy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Hey Marc,
    What are some of the key aspects to your lead page? I could just copy your lead page and adjust it, so I could use it for myself, but I’m more curious as to what are the aspects that make a difference. So I can use the concepts to build my unique lead pages.

    • Hi Alice,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      This particular capture page was designed by the Company that I distribute for and is one of their generic, Universal pages, so it can be used for any opportunity.
      Once you capture your prospects contact info, you can have them view your specific website or blog.

      Plus, with the system I use, this triggers a series of pre-written auto-responder messages. Or, we have the option of creating our own customized series.

      If you are interested in a FREE 14 Day trial to see how this system might work for you, let me know and I will send you a link.

      Also, I like your blog. The is very good and helpful content. If you are interested in getting a lot more traffic to your blog and branding yourself, please let me know and I will be happy to connect you with the syndication community that I belong to.

      You can also find information on my blog about the 2 above resources.

      To your continued success,

  8. A lead capture page is designed to tease someone and only show important facts and leaving the reading wanting to find out more information. This is when the person reading the lead capture page can then enter in his or her name and email address into the small form on the page. Lead capture pages can come in all sizes and shapes, but the best performing lead pages are the ones that are short and get right to the point. Most people will only stay on a website for a few seconds so its important your page jumps out and makes the person reading it request more information.

  9. Every site should have landing/squeeze pages. It’s wise to either do a PPC campaign and drive traffic to the landing page in hopes of converting OR creating backlinks to this page so it can rank high in Google and drive traffic. Either way the object is to get traffic to the page and convert.

  10. I also wanted to design a capture pag and after reading your post I have more infomation on why to do it. Thanks for your great information. I will be back to read more of your infomative posts.

  11. A confused mind almost always says NO!. I like how you said that – so true!

    Auto responders are essential especially in online marketing. This is one of those common mistakes newbies make when getting started : they think that they can do without one and work their way around the whole concept.

    One of the other benefits of signing up for an email auto responder service is that we get to develop a relationship with those that fill in their details on the opt-in form. Relationship building is one of those key parts to making money online and some people just don’t get that.

    -Jaclyn Castro

  12. Marc,

    You are so right! It is so sad to see new distributors go around thinking they have a website because they have a company replicated, duplicated website As you said, it bombards the prospect with information and almost NEVER captures their email address which is crucial to building leads and relationships. When you create your own blog you can give a short summary of the product or service, and put your own customer and distributor testimonials about YOU which is something the company replicated website will never do. And, as you said, you can capture and generate fresh leads which is soooo important.
    Jupiter Jim

  13. Hi Marc!

    What a GREAT article and explanation … I’ve often wondered myself if Lead Capture Pages really work 🙂 But your explanation here has brought everything into perspective for me! Now, I actually see and understand the value of have lead capture pages … thanks so much for sharing this information!

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  16. Marc,

    Great overview of the reason why everyone should use a lead capture page instead of company replicated sites. You pretty much nailed it with, A confused mind almost always says NO!

    Your capture page and copy must be designed in such a way as to prevent information overload and almost magnetically pull people into wanting to find out more about what’s on the other side….


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