The Importance Of Good Study Habits

“To focus on technique is like cramming your way through school. You sometimes get by, perhaps even get good grades, but if you don’t pay the price day in and day out, you’ll never achieve true mastery of the subjects you study or develop an educated mind.” ~ Stephen Covey

Good study habits will contribute to a successful academic future. Good habits lead to good grades, good grades lead to admissions to better colleges and universities, possibly with a scholarship thrown in. This in turn will lead to a great career.

To succeed, the first thing you need to do is take responsibility for your actions. You are the only one who can decide your priorities and how to use your time and resources. Your actions today will determine what will happen tomorrow and in the near future.

The most important thing to learn to survive and succeed in the classroom, is to use your time outside the classroom effectively. Do a periodic review of your lecture or class notes and the appropriate chapters in your textbooks. Nightly review of your notes is a great idea and will help you retain your lessons to a much greater degree.

This review will save time in the long run and prevent cramming prior to an exam. By being prepared in advance, you will be more relaxed and have better recall.

Be responsible for yourself. Your success rests in your own hands. Do not be influenced by your peers. Be a leader, not a follower. Do not allow your friends to dictate what is important. Keep friends who lead you towards your goals, not away from them. Don’t let friends influence you to not do your work. Not everyone has the same work ethic.

Set priorities with your schedule. Have a to do list and put the most important project first. Once this is done proceed to the second most important project. Crossing off each project as you finish will give you a sense of accomplishment. Hang out with kids who have the same goals as you. If you do this, your desire to be a successful student will be stronger with the help of a support group who encourage one another.

Different people work better at different times. Some students work better in the morning, while some can study better in the afternoon, or at night. Choose which time of the day you are most productive. If you study in the morning, plan to study your hardest subjects first.

Choose a study space where you can be comfortable. Pay attention to other things that help to improve your productivity. For example, can you study well with soft music in the background ? Make yourself comfortable while studying, not too hot or too cold, to increase productivity.

Look to always challenge yourself. Do not be content to just use your own issued School textbooks. Ask questions and do your own research. Share your knowledge and listen to others. When you share your knowledge, you help others to increase THEIR knowledge. As an added benefit, when you help to educate others, you learn more. So, make sure to go the extra mile, and enjoy the benefits.

Always seek solutions to problems. If you have difficulty understanding a particular concept, re-read it. If you still cannot understand it, become pro-active and consult with the teacher or professor. You may need to contact a tutor or an academic advisor. Make sure to seek assistance immediately or you may fall behind.

When you put your best effort into your work, you are already a success ! When you follow these study habits successfully, you will develop a sense of satisfaction. This will provide you with a strong feeling of pride and and accomplishment, because of your achievement.

Your good grades now will help prepare you and give you confidence for the future. You will have life enhancing tools at your disposal, developed from your attitudes of perseverance, hard work, discipline, honesty, curiosity, and a desire for excellence. These habits will contribute to a secure and happy future !

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12 thoughts on “The Importance Of Good Study Habits

  1. Hello Marc:

    About 2 years ago, after flitting around the net for 3-4 years I FINALLY began to get these principles you so aptly shared through this thick skull of mine. I had some success, but not much, But when I decided to hunker down & focus & add+ Build one skill at a time (auto responders, web site building, File zilla, c-panel, etc, etc) I began to gain real traction & greater success,,,,This continues to be the key daily & weekly we must apply ourselves to learning new skills & continually sharpening the saws we already have.

    Take Care

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comments…it is greatly appreciated.

      I am a strong advocate of continuous learning. If you are a continuous learner and apply self -improvement techniques to your daily routine, the road to success will be easier to travel.

      It is important to take on one new skill set at a time. Once you focus and master one, it is easier to move on to the next, etc.

      To your continued success,

  2. Marc, I like this post and will recommend it to my college students. Incidentally, we just had a lesson on critical or “active” reading. This is a process which requires students to interact with a text, i.e. taking notes, writing questions, etc. This is the best way to avoid the “curse” of getting 10 pages into a book and not remembering a thing that was “read.”

    • Hi Shari,

      Thanks for the comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      I’m very happy that you found the post to be helpful..I like the technique of “active” reading.
      That is a great way to NOT fall into the trap of forgetting what you read. That is a great method for anyone who is endeavoring to read a book.

      To your success,

  3. Great post Marc. Good study habits should start at home, however we learn the most of them by practicing them and through trial and error. And good study habits could implement to our routine.

  4. Hi Jorge,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a is greatly appreciated.

    Good study habits should start at home and should start at a young age. It is a skill that a child can carry with themselves into adulthood and learn the discipline that it takes to succeed.

    To your success,

  5. Personally, I became better organized (calendar, schedules) and learned better memory techniques with books I bought online.

    I have continued to succeed through college and now graduate school (even though I was an average student in high school) through better organization and better memory techniques.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment…I appreciate it.

      It is always great to practice continuous learning and self improvement in order to grow in your personal life and business life.

      If you continue to develop those organizational skills, you will continue to succeed long term.

      To your continued success,

  6. This is a great list, Marc! I like all of it, but the first one stands out the most. I’ve only begun to realize in the past year and a half, just how much my subconscious mind has been influenced by things said and done in the past… and am now acting upon that knowledge. “Be responsible for yourself” leaves no room for the victim mentality, or for blaming others for my own behaviour.

    Love the Steven Covey quote!

    Willena Flewelling

    • Hi Willena,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      It’s amazing how the habits we develop when we are young can be carried through to our adulthood.
      That is why it is so important to create good study habits from a young age.

      It is so important to take responsibility for your own success and be accountable,
      Remind yourself – if it’s meant to be it’s up to me.

      To your massive success,

  7. What a refreshing post. Anyone can spend their days blaming others for whatever it is that is happening to them, but reality is that, no matter right or wrong, you can only control yourself. So,why not take your life into your own hands and set out your own journey. You nailed it on the head with this post Marc. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Karin,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      It is so important NOT to let others influence you in a negative way. Ultimately the decisions you make are your responsibility and if you are pro-active and develop good habits early on, it will set you up for success throughout your chosen career or profession.

      To your massive success,

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