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EXPLODE Your Business Brand & Growth By Giving Away The Smart Media Desktop Today

The Smart Media  Browser is the Only Web Browser in the World that PAYS You When You Give it Away!
Imagine this…
You give it away to anyone anywhere in the world
and when OTHERS use it…
When others “Click”… YOU GET PAID!
Even when they just “Look”… YOU GET PAID!
There are 2 Billion people online and when they hear about the Smart Media Browser/Desktop they are going to want it.
The question is…
When they get it, will you be the lucky one getting paid?

So, give your customers and prospects a gift that will keep on giving and will keep YOUR BRAND in front of them on a DAILY basis. A Gift that gives your customers and prospects some of the best value and resources available anywhere.

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Take A Look At Some Of The Training Videos And Live Support That You Will Receive With The Smart Media Desktop…(click on image for larger view)

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7 Unique Selling Points that No Other Company in the World has:

  • Unique Selling Point #1: No other company in the world has a fast business building tool like the Smart Media Desktop that supplies the features that more than 2 Billion computer users want, combined with the best branding features for Marketers.
  • Unique Selling Point #2: The Smart Media Desktop is the only software tool that allows Branding, 100% Guaranteed Video Message Delivery and the ability to put an unlimited number of Videos and Your Website directly into your branded Smart Media Desktop that you can give away for free!
  • Unique Selling Point #3: No other company in the world combines anything like the Smart Library with 1-on-1 Training when you need it.
  • Unique Selling Point #4: No other free giveaway system allows the level of personal branding of the Smart Media Desktop does.
  • Unique Selling Point #5: No other software allows people access to their favorite Internet Content at 10 Times the Speed and Half the Effort of using their web browser.
  • Unique Selling Point #6: No other company in the world trains members on all of the exclusive topics of Social Networking, Digital Devices, offers a variety of Superb Free Software and much more.
  • Unique Selling Point #7: No other system has an integrated multi-media message delivery system for leaders to deliver timely messages with 100 percent guaranteed delivery rates.

Some Of Your Smart Media Browser Additional FREE Benefits Include:

    • Online Entertainment Center
    • Movies, Videos, Video Games
    • Ultimate Online Shopping Tool
    • Online Education Center
    • Thousands of Videos
    • Exclusive Facebook Training
    • New Visual Bookmark Technology
    • Best Computer Software

ALSO … your FREE members can WIN free, valuable prizes for sharing your Branded Smart Media Desktop and Smart Media Web Browser with their friends using our inbuilt “Tell-a-Friend” System

So, are you ready to have the prestige of owning YOUR very own Smart Media Desktop and Smart Media Web Browser?

** You get to BRAND your very own Smart Media Desktop and Smart Media Web Browser with YOUR Business & Details

** You get a Browser that is up to 5X FASTER than any other browser in the world

How many people do you KNOW who own their own Browser?

Earn an income from our Global Bonus Program with multiple income streams including:

  • Pay Per Click/Pay Per Impression
  • Retail Direct Bonuses
  • 2xInfinity Team Bonuses
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Star Leadership Bonuses

This is the simplest online opportunity available and everyone you know will hear about the Smart Media Desktop. 2 Billion people are Online Every Day and when they hear about the Free Smart Media Desktop they will want it.

The question is… When they get it will YOU be the one getting paid?

Get Your Smart Media Desktop Today and Tell your friends BEFORE they tell you!

Are you ready to learn more and experience the Smart Media Desktop for yourself?

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