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Home Page Pays is set to revolutionize the Internet world. It works on any computer or browser and no technical experience is required. In fact, it is so simple, if you have access to the Internet, you can use this system!

HPP is a platform that offers the Internet user dynamic free services and products combined with the very best digital branding and advertising services that are available online.

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 An Introduction and Overview of Home Page Pays v2 December 2012

by Smart Media CEO, David Martin

This special introduction to the Home Page Pays v2 system is designed to give you an overview of the HPP 2.0 system that you are about to experience. Please read this entire overview now.

HPP v2 Training Videos Button: The first thing you should do when starting with HPP v2 is to view all of the training videos, which you will find by clicking the “HPP v2 Training Videos” button on the top right of the overview page. Be sure that you start with the “Watch Me First” training video.

Some parts of HPP V2 will look even better when you use the system than they do in the video because the system keeps getting better, while those videos are locked in time, so please ignore any minor differences.

We are constantly updating the list of Training Videos to give all new members in each of the phases the best possible introduction to HPP v2.

My Avatar: This section has been widely demonstrated on Webinars. One company that we are aware of is based solely around their Avatar system and they have over 3.5 Million members who generate considerable revenues every month from the sale of special Avatar items. (No, we don’t currently have any for sale although this will be another way that youl will be able to earn from your free members in the future).

Men tend to like using this system and many women absolutely Love it!

Smart Discussions: One of the ways Smart Media likes to under promise and over deliver is by creating extremely powerful systems that it never even promised its members. The Smart Discussions system is a good example.

This system is already working wonderfully and has features and benefits that most discussion systems don’t have and I am sure many more ideas will come from our leaders!

Please be sure not to abuse the system by advertising other companies within our Smart Discussion groups! If you want to advertise something to Home Page Pays members like so many people do, then please purchase one of our advertising packages! This will allow you to put your banner in front of all of them! If you break this rule then you could end up banned from the HPP system as we are very serious about keeping Home Page Pays spam free. Also, do not create any content that is not “family friendly”. We are currently adding more security to this system so that it will be protected from this kind of abuse in the future.

Home Page Pays is already starting to have some of the most helpful and positive discussions on the Internet and this will increase considerably as time goes on.

I consider this an incredibly important part of HPP v2 and you will probably be spending a lot of your time on HPP v2, making new friends and engaging in exciting topics within the Smart Discussion system.

Because this system is a brilliant way to find new friends, I encourage you to use it for this purpose even more than the My Friends search, especially since the majority of the people that you could find on the My Friends system do not currently have access to this system which is currently for leaders only. 

One of the new features of the Smart Discussion system is the ability to very easily find and add new friends. Please see the training video section for more details!

My Friends: This section allows you to easily manage your friends. Some members already have hundreds of friends on HPP and are managing, sorting and searching through them quickly through this section. We have recently added another key feature to the My Friends section called Friend Groups. This won’t be important when you just start out but as soon as you have lots of friends then you will love this feature! Watch for a training video on this feature which may be available by the time that you read this. If not, then please continue to check the Training Videos section for updates.

Social Updates: This section allows you to instantly see what your friends have been doing lately on Home Page Pays V2! You can also view and accept your friend requests from here.

Fantastic Videos: The Fantastic Video section is brilliant because it allows members to upload their own videos directly to Smart Media’s own high definition, commercial free video system and to have all of the videos within the “My Videos” section display, by default, for all of a sponsor’s free members!

Consider the branding and advertising implications of this.

When a video is uploaded to a service like YouTube, the viewer is bombarded by numerous other video choices around the video at all times and very importantly, at the end of the video where other people’s distracting videos can be clicked on. However, within the “My Videos” section, only the sponsor’s videos are displayed and at the end of the video, no other videos are shown to distract from the sponsor’s message. This is a key example of how we have been taking Home Page Pays as the “ultimate branding system that makes you look good” to the next level with HPP v2. (Another key example is the “Top Sites” tab).

Beyond the “My Videos” tab there are many other video sections within the “Fantastic Videos” platform. Currently, the “Fantastic Videos” section support the Smart Media video platform and the YouTube video platform and we will be adding support for other video platforms like Vimeo in the future.

One of the goals of this platform is to have the BEST videos on the Internet all on one site, HPP. Personally, I’m not happy with the selection of videos that we have in the different sections. From a content perspective it is not close to what it will be. There is content that is not family friendly and should be removed and far more good content that should be added.

One of the ways we’ll achieve this is by making it easy for our members to suggest their favourite content and to have a full-time moderator who looks at all the content suggestions and chooses which ones are truly the best and also family friendly.

However, from a technological perspective, we’ve proven that it works and the fabulous part is that when we publicly add the New Video Suggestion feature, the more of a community we have, the more that our library of the best, family friendly videos on the Internet will grow!

Top Sites: The Top Sites section is a collection of the best sites on the Internet, but much more importantly it’s a collection of the sites that you feel are most relevant for your free members to see.

On the Internet, there are far more websites than there are human beings on the earth. How does one person get others to focus on what they are doing? How do they look like a hero to the people that they want to attract? Fortunately, the answer is Home Page Pays because of the way that it engages people in a community and incentivises free members to tell others who will then join HPP under the sponsor.

When they do, they will see the “Top Sites” that their sponsor has set.

For example, a person with a consulting site can set their consulting site above Facebook or Microsoft in the eyes of their members because that sponsor’s consulting site will be the site that their members will see first every day as they use Home Page Pays.

Think about the branding possibilities of this for any entrepreneur, small business, not for profit, charity. Instead of a “consulting site” it could be any type of site on the entire Internet. Right now, the “Top Sites” section allows you to choose five of your favourite top sites.

Smart Chirp: The full Smart Chirp section is found within the My Connection → Smart Chirp menu where you can send Chrips and upload photos and videos and view the recent Smart Chirp history from all your friends.

You will only be able to see the Smart Chirp messages of your friends! If you do not have any friends yet then you will be missing 100% of the other Smart Chirp activity that is happening!

This is why we STRONGLY encourage you to use the Smart Discussions area to easily and quickly make as many good friends as possible! (See the Smart Discussions section above for more details)

You will instantly start seeing new Smart Chirp messages from new friends once they have added you. You can also see your Chirps in a smaller window from the Overview page and you can send Chirp messages from the overview page. Currently, when you click on the Image or Video upload buttons on the overview page you will be taken to the full Smart Chirp page where you can upload the images and videos that you like. In the future we will activate the image and video buttons from the overview page as well.

Smart Mail: You will now have access to our second generation Smart Mail system! It is the one demonstrated within the “HPP v2 Training Videos” section. I love the interface, it’s fast, clean and beautiful. The more you use it, the more I believe you will love it!




Smart Media Games: Programming goes through three stages: Alpha, Beta and Completion. When a programming project has been completed it is said to have “gone gold”. 

Smart Media claimed that Ultra Spaceball and Space Treasures were both near completion and would be able to be tested. In reality, we have already gone beyond that because other games like Mr. Mover and Discovery Adventure are now available for testing too. Additionally, Ultra Spaceball and Space Treasures have already been completed.


Here is what you should know about each game.

  • Ultra Spaceball: Status: Completed We will be adding the welcome screens for the Smart Media Games promotion but that will not affect the game play itself. We have recently put more goodies into this game and we are quite proud of it.Here’s a secret hint: We think that this game would be extremely enjoyable on Mobile platforms as well! Actually, many of our games would, wouldn’t they?
  • Discovery Adventure: Status: Alpha When we started the game, our original design specification was to have five levels/scenes. The scope of the game has now expanded to 25 levels/scenes, which obviously pushed development time up a bit but will make for a far more robust entertainment experience.One of the things you can say about Smart Media is that we are willing to wait a little longer in order to create something that is immensely good. Considering that we will be hiding real prizes and matching prizes within this game when it is completed, we wanted it to be truly excellent.

For an “Alpha” version of a game, it is certainly playable with scenes like the Jungle, Jungle Cabin, Under the Sea, Beach, Tropical Beach, Black Island and Water City being essentially complete! This is a Hidden Objects game where players need to find the hidden objects in a certain amount of time and builds object identification skills. The objects that a player is required to find are randomised each time the level is played, so each time the challenge of the level is fresh and new.

In the near future, we’ll add the rest of the maps, hidden levels and motion within the backgrounds of each level. There will also be new audio tracks and sound effects. Regardless, more than 70% of the game is already done.

The game will continue to become more enjoyable and you will get to watch it evolve over the coming weeks.

  • Mr Mover: Status: Beta At this point, Mr. Mover is nearing completion and is already quite fun. Remember that you need to “hover” by pressing your space bar or left mouse button within the game. Be sure to view the Help screen first!
  • Space Treasures: Status: Completed This was our first game. Simple but highly addictive for many!

The Smart Media Edutainment games have not been uploaded yet. We will be making a special announcement about that in the future.

New Browser Add-ons: Although we haven’t mentioned it much publicly, we have released a new version of the HPP Browser Add-on. The new version is faster, allows the minimised Browser add-on to stay minimised and is now available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.

In the future we will also release a 32-bit and 64-bit version for Internet Explorer, which we are currently testing.

Notes on Browser Compatibility: At this time, the best browser for HPP v2 is Firefox. The worst browser for HPP v2 is Internet Explorer, although almost all the HPP v2 features already work with it.

Naturally, we are in the process of insuring that all parts of HPP v2 work perfectly on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers and also with every modern browser in existence.

If you find an issue with an HPP v2 feature, it is extremely important when you report it to let us know which browser you were using at the time. This is because the feature may already be working perfectly with another browser. The sad reality for developers is that different browsers work in different ways with highly advanced Internet sites like ours.

Daily Review: We look forward to you participating in the HPP v2 community and writing a short daily review on how you are using HPP 2.0 that day if you wish.

Many of these reviews will be shared with all our members to keep them appraised on the future development. Imagine our members receiving positive daily reviews about the progress we are making! They will also get a glimpse of how much there is to our system through the eyes of our team leaders. Leaders will be sharing experiences of how they are using systems like Smart Discussions. Over the next few weeks, new friendships will be made and the Home Page Pays social platform will be used in many wonderful ways, which we never even imagined when we built the system!

It is my great pleasure to have you participate together with me in Home Page Pays v2 and this journey that we are taking to make the world a better place.

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