Self Discipline: The Discipline Of Persistence

“No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not, at one time or another, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure. One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.” ~ Napoleon Hill

According to Brian Tracy, there are nine disciplines you can develop that will improve every area of your life. We have learned that every exercise of self-discipline strengthens every other discipline at the same time, just as every weakness in self-discipline weakens you in other disciplines as well.

Today, my articles on self-discipline continue as we focus on the Discipline Of Persistence.

Definition of PERSISTENCE: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. The continued or prolonged existence of something.

The Value Of Persistence

Long term, consistent success in any endeavor requires persistence. With enough persistence, anything is possible. You will find it to be a quality that is more important to your overall success than skill or knowledge or the right connections. The ability to persist is the ability to win.

Persistence is a discipline that is available to anyone. If you have that burning desire within you, it can’t be taken away.
Forget about past failures, your ability to persist is available to you whenever you choose to exercise that discipline and for the duration that you choose to benefit from it.

Sadly, even though the power of persistence is available to anyone, far too few people fully utilize what they have at their disposal.
Those who do, separate themselves from the pack and achieve their goals and dreams.

But, be advised… Persistence takes effort, just like anything of true value. Persistence requires intention, focus and commitment. It is not easy, but will be well worth your effort.

Thomas Edison claimed to have failed over 10,000 times while trying to invent electricity. How was he able to stay so committed to achieving his desired goal after so much failure? His legacy as one of the greatest inventors of all time depended on him inventing electricity.

Edison believed that every failure he experienced was just bringing him closer to finding the solution to his problem. How many people would have quit when facing the same obstacles?

The Lesson Learned

If you desire to become more persistent, you must first truly understand the absolute value of your Persistence. It is not enough to just read about it, but you must learn from real life experience. You must develop the discipline of persistence and utilize it if you genuinely want to understand the value and reap the benefits.

** The inspiring story of the Bamboo tree is much like Life itself – you have to have faith, belief and PERSISTENCE. In becoming a successful entrepreneur, growing company, or even growing as a person, remember to always be watering your tree, planting roots, and building your foundation… With persistence, rewards will follow! Never give up!

Now, let’s hear from Brian Tracy and how he describes this Principle…

The Discipline of Persistence:

  • The greatest test of self-discipline is when you persist in the face of adversity, and you drive yourself forward to complete your tasks 100%, no matter how you feel.
  • Your persistence is the measure of your belief in yourself, and in what you are doing.
  • The more you believe in the goodness and rightness of what you are doing, the more you will persist.
  • The more you persist, the more you will tend to believe in yourself and what you are doing. The principles are reversible!
  • Persistence is actually self-discipline in action.
  • Self-discipline leads to self-esteem, a greater sense of personal power, which leads to greater persistence, which leads to even greater self-discipline in an upward spiral.
  • “Persistence is to the character of man or woman as carbon is to steel.” (Napoleon Hill)
  • You actually make yourself into a better, stronger person by persisting when you feel like quitting.

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32 thoughts on “Self Discipline: The Discipline Of Persistence

  1. Marc,
    That video is awesome. Much needed right at this point. I have put in so much work and it feels outwardly as though nothing is happening, even though my latest seeds have not had the time to sprout.

    Interesting, my latest blog post is also about persistence, using the word as acronym in The Only Way Out is Through.


    Dr. Erica

    • @Dr. Erica Goodstone,

      Hi Dr. Erica,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.
      That is an excellent video…

      Persistence is the KEY that will unlock our success. I KNOW you are a key owner and it is just a matter of time until you bear the fruit of your labor…it is certainly well deserved.

      To your continued success,

  2. You almost got the point Marc. Persistence and patience is the key to success. It can help you to built your daily life more productive from others. Keep going and never stop believing.

    • @TracyAnn0312,

      Hi Tracy Ann,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      If you believe in yourself and what you are doing, it is easier to remain patient until you reach your goal.
      These are skills that are very important to master.

      To your success,

  3. Great post Marc! I completely agree with you on this one. I have found that persistence and self discipline have helped me change my life so I have experienced what you are saying first hand. I like how you said self- discipline leads to self- esteem and starts an upward spiral. That is so very true. Thanks for sharing this!

    • @Angela,

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      I’m happy we are both on the same page (or should I say “paige” )
      The discipline of Persistence is so vital to our success and with success comes self esteem and we just continue to grow and prosper in all aspects of our life.

      To your continued success,

  4. Great post Marc!
    Persistance is on eof the most important resources to reach our goals knowing to be flexible enough to change direction to get there and remebering to be in gratitude for the small steps acheived during the journey..
    Beautiful inspiring video, too!

    • @patricia,

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      Yes, I found that video to be very inspiring.
      For those who want to reach their long term goals, they MUST master the discipline of persistence.

      Success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

      To your continued success,

  5. Hi Marc, great post! Inspiring to say the least. Persistence develops character that all of us should have in order to gain success in life. Anything worthy in life requires patience and hard work and if we don’t have persistence we give up easily and don’t achieve anything at all. Thank you for sharing.

    • @crescele,

      Hi Stevie,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      I’m happy you exited my post feeling inspired. I know I was inspired as I composed the post and watched the video.

      Once you master the discipline of persistence, it opens up so many other wonderful avenues and is definitely a character builder.

      To your success,

  6. When people discover instant food, they want to make instant success too. But its hard not to include the success ingredients like Persistence, discipline, smart, risk etc, are not instant.

  7. Really appreciate this message Marc – I’ve been in ‘crisis’ mode for the last couple of weeks and there have been a few times in the wee hours of the morning a little voice whispered to me “enough already, maybe this is a sign you should just give up.” I hate that little voice … think I’ll come up with a name for it so I can better tell it to shove off! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I like that one point from Brian Tracy: Persistence is self-discipline in action! It is interesting how few of us seem to have this naturally. In our lives before business it was acceptable to quit if things didn’t appear to be going right. But most good dreams and goals take a large measure of persistence for a prolonged period of time before we can realize the result, just like that Bamboo tree!

  9. Marc,
    An excellent post and one that I needed to read and think on. The video was a great touch, in fact, it was exactly what I needed for today as I was plagued with that annoying problem of stinkin thinking about my goals and purpose and chief aim.

    I’m thankful for having watched this and am now applying it.

    My Best,

  10. Great post Marc,

    I love that you included the idea of self discipline and self esteem as an upward spiral. It reminds me of the term Autotelic Personality from the book Flow from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounce that with a mouth full of marbles!). His definition of someone who is Autotelic is someone who is internally directed and is always setting and achieving goals independently of what is expected of them; it is not relative to their environment.

    Ordinary discipline can be either a reaching in to pull more out of ourselves, or it could be submitting to an authority figure who is pushing us to some end.

    The skill that you have shared of self discipline can set us free to realize the best of who we are truly capable of being rather than coming from a competitive frame, trying to be just a little faster than the people around us.

  11. Persistence combined with being true to oneself is essential for success. It is perfectly acceptable to alter one’s course in life as long as their ultimate goal is met with persistence.

    Thanks, Marc, for a great lesson on sticking with it.


  12. Most people fail simply because they do not believe in themselves enough. Persistency and believing in oneself is so important as it contributes to one of the major aspects that you have to have in place in order to be successful.

  13. Edison believed that every failure he experienced was just bringing him closer to finding the solution to his problem. How many people would have quit when facing the same obstacles? – this is so true. And it is so important to recognize that you have the ability to create something great from something that wasn’t great. And if you are persistent about, even at the times you feel at your lowest, only great things will come from it.

  14. Hi Marc,

    Thanks for great article!
    Being persistent is not always easy but I agree that long term success requires a lot of persistence. Is there any limit of being persistent? What do you think?

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  16. Hi Marc

    Persistence is something not bandied about much – good point raising it…..

    Your persistence is your measure of how good you thing you are a a great line, even though I paraphrased to slightly.

    All comes down to knowing your goals early, and sticking to a plan that will work!

    Thanks for eh info Marc, I am sure it will become invaluable!

    Posted By Jon Barry of

    • @Jon Barry,

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment…it is greatly appreciated.

      Persistence is so important as there can be so many ups and downs in this Industry. But, for those who have goals and a plan and work that plan on a DAILY basis and take ACTION will be the ones that succeed.

      I always tell Networkers that they need to be Persistent, Consistent and Persevere.

      It is one of the most important aspects of your overall self discipline that will propel people to the top.

      To your success,

  17. You know that saying, “You’ll never know how close you got to your goal if you quit?” Its just like that. I have many times ran into stumbling block after stumbling block but it was my self discipline that got me through the tough times. Both in personal and professional adversities, my persistence has always gotten me through.

  18. Hi Marc of course discipline and persistence goes together if we want to see result. Any people who want to achieve some sort of great result need discipline. This is a fact…
    The road can be harder some time, but when we get there we are so happy we forgot the struggle then and enjoy the result…
    Great Post Marc.

  19. Hey Marc,
    Loved the video… the analogy was great, the bamboo tree taking years to manifest and then grow to 9 feet or more while it appeared that nothing was happening.. So true with life and goals. It often appears like nothing is ghappening but it really is. Quitting is the worst thing you can do… no matter how hard it is to stay with what you’re trying to achieve… wonderful posts, lots for me to think about today .. lots of inspirational posts I’m reading … thanks 🙂

  20. Marc,
    There is enough evidence in history to prove the value of persistence. Even in the face of failure, opposition, or setbacks. All the great inventors fought through in the face of defeat, and persisted towards success for the benefit of generations to come.
    Who knows what can be accomplished if we would develop that crucial value.
    Very good points to ponder for all, but especially for those of us looking to build a business on our own efforts.
    Thanks for sharing

  21. Excellent post Marc.
    Doing the small things daily will create momentum. Without a doubt, a lack of persistence or “quitting too early” is one of the most common factors for failure.

    Looking forward for reading more of your posts.


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